Rainy and cold all day.

Spent an hour untangling various cables and sorting them mostly by weight but also partly by color and apparent function. No Linnaeus, I. I think those gray bukkits are too flimsy to support everything that’s crammed in them, poor things. They were really designed to handle bunny fluff and ribbons, not a million and one heavy metal cables. What a tangled web, to be sure.

Scared the life out of the ladies at the hair salon by showing up in the pouring rain with my bike. This was the Beehive Salon, next to Mezza. They seemed to think I was some kind of mad exotic. At least they gave me a nice hot cup of tea and a fine haircut. Lavista isn’t great for cyclists but I managed. I like my dazzling plastic jacket all right.

Went to a lecture at Emory by a Chinese artist. He was okay but like most artists he was boring to listen to.

Had dinner with Yumi at that tapas bar Noche that was too crowded that time we tried but couldn’t get in. It was fine. We got there just as it opened so there was no problem getting a table.

Yumi, it turns out, has a cat named Cherry whom she addresses as Sakura. Cherry/Sakura is fond of company. I said that if she ever needed looking after when Yumi was away we might be able to provide services. Yumi was delighted. Cherry/Sakura thinks she’s a dog so she wags her tail when happy and uses her paw to call attention to her need for cuddling.

Tomorrow is my pointless race and then $100 evening with Bill Clinton. Hah! I’ll blog it!