Race was okay — out of shape but good to do it.

Brunch was good,

Nap was nice.

The cocktail event was good. Mostly I was bored waiting for it to start and trying to make my 9 dollar glass of wine last long enough. I read my e-book on my Pod and hoped I looked like I was a busy person consulting my important e-mails. Just before the talk started someone called my name and it was a former student! The most reluctant member of my class of 2001 freshman seminar (that was a special class). She’d gone to law school and is now working on the Martin campaign. It was thrilling to see her doing good things.

Bill was totally fabulous. Charm, charisma, articulateness. effortlessness. He gave a fabulous little speech. Poor Jim Martin looked very small and dull in comparison.

All the guests were a bit ridiculous. Glad I don’t have to spend any time doing that stuff.