Felt chilly today. Very hard to wake up.

Did some tidying for a while that seemed very slow. Had to meet a student at 1:30. He’s a bright boy, learns fast although he has a lot to learn. Guess thar’s okay.

Went to the Michaels only to discover I’d left my cash card at home. Was just as well – not very interesting there.

Frozen dinner and Lou Dobbs. Then bukkits and Campbell Brown, and after that Larry King for as long as I could stand it (shrieking female pundits defending or bashing Palin — pretty alarming) but changed over to a show about UFO sightings. Sad people. Made me think of that person who faked the Obama mugging. Decided that the inside of people’s heads is more mysterious than all of outer space.

Pretty much done with your filing and wire untangling. Let’s see if we can come up with a way that works for you. I think 80% of your tidy could be solved if:

  • you had a way to get to your music bits without just printing out another copy
  • you liked the way your cables got sorted
  • you had a separate home for your picks and capos

So I hope it helps a bit. Filing was very rudimentary. I only threw out obvious duplicates (music) and envelopes and the brochures, etc. inside them. I say threw out but I didn’t actually throw it out yet except for one bag that was mostly bent up toothpicks and spider crickets.

Sleepy now.