Had my shower in anticipation of Chinese new year’s requirements.

Looked over my paper once. Decided it needs work. Well, that’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow morning.

Still feeling a bit funny, like I was still on the plane or something. Maybe that’s because my lunch was a pack of Doritos and my dinner a cup-noodle.This is a very nice place but not so good for munching.

Well, if I’m asleep I won’t notice — so that’s what I’ll do.

It’s still very quiet here though people were in the breakfast room. They were definitely a classier bunch than one normally sees at the Comfort Inn. Most of them looked very serious–people used to thinking Big Thoughts and impatient when the world of normal things intrudes.

Either that or they were just not morning people.

Some of them were dressed quite fancy in a sort of metro-euro kind of way.

This was the best hotel continental breakfast ever. (The only one that rivals it is the one I had in Stockholm, but then, that was the continent.) On my tray today:

Organic-looking melon of various kinds; parma ham (prosciutto?); real yogurt to be mixed up with nice granola and brown sugar; fluffy crunchy bread hand sliced, toasted in the waiting toaster, juice, coffee. There was also several kinds of cheese (brie, gouda), bagels, muffins, croissants, and you had your pick of various designer teas and there was a push-button espresso/cappuccino maker.

I should have made myself a sandwich for lunch with all that stuff but perhaps I’ll be able to on Tuesday.

When I checked in the lady at the desk (who wasn’t Chinese) pointed out that Monday was Chinese new year so I was not to bathe on Monday. “Make sure you take your shower on Sunday night,” she said. “And have some fish on Monday.”

It’s a different world, the Left Coast.

The Guest House is really nice. I can’t believe how quiet it is here. Maybe because it’s still early–it’s just about 7 o’clock. Or because it’s the weekend.

The flight was fine although as we were landing my ears hurt a lot from the pressure. I tried to drink water the whole time (must have gone to the bathroom every 30 minutes). So maybe it would have been worse if I hadn’t. Ears feel a bit funny still.

Well, will try to sleep now.

Felt chilly today. Very hard to wake up.

Did some tidying for a while that seemed very slow. Had to meet a student at 1:30. He’s a bright boy, learns fast although he has a lot to learn. Guess thar’s okay.

Went to the Michaels only to discover I’d left my cash card at home. Was just as well – not very interesting there.

Frozen dinner and Lou Dobbs. Then bukkits and Campbell Brown, and after that Larry King for as long as I could stand it (shrieking female pundits defending or bashing Palin — pretty alarming) but changed over to a show about UFO sightings. Sad people. Made me think of that person who faked the Obama mugging. Decided that the inside of people’s heads is more mysterious than all of outer space.

Pretty much done with your filing and wire untangling. Let’s see if we can come up with a way that works for you. I think 80% of your tidy could be solved if:

  • you had a way to get to your music bits without just printing out another copy
  • you liked the way your cables got sorted
  • you had a separate home for your picks and capos

So I hope it helps a bit. Filing was very rudimentary. I only threw out obvious duplicates (music) and envelopes and the brochures, etc. inside them. I say threw out but I didn’t actually throw it out yet except for one bag that was mostly bent up toothpicks and spider crickets.

Sleepy now.

Very tired. Road 20 miles. Did stop at the 10 mile turnaround for tacos and a Bud Lite, but then I had to go all the way back. The weather was absolutely beautiful; the temperature perfect. Let’s go next time.

See these internets:

Acer Tiny Laptop loveliness

Wonkette says “MWAHAHAHA!”

SwiftJews for Truth

SNL Bush/Palin/McCain

Race was okay — out of shape but good to do it.

Brunch was good,

Nap was nice.

The cocktail event was good. Mostly I was bored waiting for it to start and trying to make my 9 dollar glass of wine last long enough. I read my e-book on my Pod and hoped I looked like I was a busy person consulting my important e-mails. Just before the talk started someone called my name and it was a former student! The most reluctant member of my class of 2001 freshman seminar (that was a special class). She’d gone to law school and is now working on the Martin campaign. It was thrilling to see her doing good things.

Bill was totally fabulous. Charm, charisma, articulateness. effortlessness. He gave a fabulous little speech. Poor Jim Martin looked very small and dull in comparison.

All the guests were a bit ridiculous. Glad I don’t have to spend any time doing that stuff.

Rainy and cold all day.

Spent an hour untangling various cables and sorting them mostly by weight but also partly by color and apparent function. No Linnaeus, I. I think those gray bukkits are too flimsy to support everything that’s crammed in them, poor things. They were really designed to handle bunny fluff and ribbons, not a million and one heavy metal cables. What a tangled web, to be sure.

Scared the life out of the ladies at the hair salon by showing up in the pouring rain with my bike. This was the Beehive Salon, next to Mezza. They seemed to think I was some kind of mad exotic. At least they gave me a nice hot cup of tea and a fine haircut. Lavista isn’t great for cyclists but I managed. I like my dazzling plastic jacket all right.

Went to a lecture at Emory by a Chinese artist. He was okay but like most artists he was boring to listen to.

Had dinner with Yumi at that tapas bar Noche that was too crowded that time we tried but couldn’t get in. It was fine. We got there just as it opened so there was no problem getting a table.

Yumi, it turns out, has a cat named Cherry whom she addresses as Sakura. Cherry/Sakura is fond of company. I said that if she ever needed looking after when Yumi was away we might be able to provide services. Yumi was delighted. Cherry/Sakura thinks she’s a dog so she wags her tail when happy and uses her paw to call attention to her need for cuddling.

Tomorrow is my pointless race and then $100 evening with Bill Clinton. Hah! I’ll blog it!

Busy day today. Had a burrito for supper. Watched “My Own Worst Enemy” episode 2 on the computer.

Funny video:

Am kind of disappointed because my picture did not get chosen in the art contest. Now I feel like my pictures are not good.

Not in a happy mood.

Too tired to blog today.

Did some more practicing. Now I can play “Finlandia.” That should come in useful.

Will return to the blogosphere tomorrow. Since I have my Lesson tomorrow, I probably will not get home at a convenient hour for Skype. Will Tweet.

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